nice + cozy
nice + cozy (Photo credit: ali edwards)



-why is mommy not here

-mommy is following an ideal

-daddy said she lost her mind

-he didn’t mean it

-I think he did

-close your eyes

-I don’t want to take a nap

-but I do


-auntie are you asleep

-no     what

-what is an ideal

-it’s something worth fighting for

-is mommy fighting

-no      yes              she is fighting           it’s hard to explain

-is she going to get hurt

-no       maybe         no

-my friend’s dad got hurt          daddy said he got what he deserved

-daddy is very sad     and angry        mostly sad

-why doesn’t daddy have ideals

-he does       he thinks he does                I don’t know

-do you have ideals

-I did but I let them die


-so that they wouldn’t kill me

-are mommy’s ideals going to kill her

-they could            ideals are dangerous things                   they can become monsters

-I don’t like monsters

-no one does

-I don’t want to have ideals

-are  you happy

-not always      I miss mommy

-do you like the world and everything around you


-that’s how ideals are born             you can’t help it

-how do you kill your ideals


-you said you let your ideals die     how

-you do nothing

-I don’t understand

-ideals need to be cultivated     like our garden          you need to water them and weed them

-I don’t like weeding

-no one does    that’s how they become monsters

-weeding them doesn’t  kill them

-no       it makes them more specific      that’s why it’s dangerous

-I don’t understand

-I’ll explain it to you later


-after the nap

-how long is that

-I don’t know       a while

-I don’t like naps

-you will miss them when you are older


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