As I shower, this comes to mind.



Adrenaline rushing through her body.  Enough to keep her heart and lungs working.  And her brain.  Her thoughts, re-living the most tender moments of a life, shared. Re-imagining a torturing death, but not her own.  Blood and tears intermingle.



This pain, her only connection to life. If she were able to see these  imagined swollen digits through her bulging purple eyelids, she would  marvel at the mangled mess of fragmented bones and shredded tendons delicately held together by a meat paste. 



Her body a giant black and blue.  Green and yellow.  And purple.  She giggles, through her toothless bloody mouth a guttural shriek.   The pain returns.  This time, crushing through her brain, a blinding light flooding her consciousness, quieting the imagery of her inner voice. 



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