Ramble (2007) – revisited

A very dense labyrinth I made by hand.
Image via Wikipedia

Is it because I ramble
On and on about the first idea
That pops into my brain
That unwillingly I stumble
Onto uncharted territories
And forbidden realms

Where things I would rather
Just not know or acknowledge
Live quietly within
The confines of my thoughts
Savage beastly notions
I seem to have acquired

Most of them obsolete praise
Heaven for small blessings
These are easily discarded
More disturbing are however
New concepts and extrapolations
That seem to rise from thin air

Maybe because I seek
Solace from what happens here and there
And what passes for a living
That often I tend to think
I am anything but human
And more an abomination

But in this my re-creation
Of Eden and Hades past
One hope remains eternal
If not by act by sheer omission
That I will redeem myself
While I still have time.


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