impressionist afterglow with ascending souls
Image by ηeliʘ via Flickr

I thought about dying today – hadn’t thought about death for a long time.

No longer a trivial fantasy of dying so our parents feel guilty for their tyrannical whims.  Or fickle suicidal thoughts of adolescence, easily replaced with the knowledge of a not so distant independence.   Not even the nauseating possibility of a child’s mortality. 

I entertain the beauty of death – its quiet elegance.

The one renunciation our body has prepared for from the moment it was born.

That last second of corporeal awareness followed by the soul’s emancipation.

Floating freely – At one with everything and everyone. 

Perspicacious and no longer bound by gravity we illuminate the sky, careful to reveal only what the ones left behind need to fulfill the road that leads them to us.


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