Lead by example, people.

The bar chart presented on the National Debt A...
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If we need to cut government spending why can’t we demand that Congress slashes its salaries, benefits and perks?  In this 21st century, why do they even have to go to Washington DC? Have none of them heard of Skype? Half the time the halls of Congress are empty.  C-Span anyone? This way locally elected public officials would not have to relocate, therefore keeping their fingers on the pulse of their districts.

And while we are at it, as a public servant you have been elected to act on behalf of your constituents, so live like them. No public servant should earn more than the median income of their state. It would be easier for them to make accurate decisions about education, social services etc. Let’s see how many social cuts they are inclined to sign/execute when it’s their children’s health and education or their family’s well being on the line.

Let’s stop the wars. Let’s shut down all foreign military bases. That would be the biggest act of goodwill we could offer the rest of the world, and ourselves. We are spending money we don’t have on behalf of corporations that would prefer governments of a certain flavor in specific areas of the world. Corporations are filthy rich; let them work it out on their own.

Off the soapbox. Good night.


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