Image by madamepsychosis via Flickr

You are quiet because there is nothing left to say

I can’t reinvent myself for you

Or rather I could – but you would not like what you see

For I fear my gifts have been reduced to the darkest part of me

The one I don’t want to acknowledge, whose thoughts attack me when I least expect them

I am afraid of myself

Afraid of my desires

Afraid of my wilfulness and my ability to disconnect from the ones I love

I am afraid of letting go

I don’t trust

I don’t trust my intelligence

I don’t trust my wits or capabilities

I don’t trust the woman within me

But I know that you won’t love her


2 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. i lived most of my life in fear… until someone who loves all of me ~ good, bad and horrible ~ looked at me with love in his eyes. hang onto hope.

    1. I really appreciate you took the time to read my piece and comment on it. I can’t thank you enough.

      I think in love, the worst part is when you are incapable of loving all of yourself. It doesn’t matter if someone else accepts you, it only matters that you do.

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