Open invitation…

Art exhibition
Image by Amodiovalerio Verde via Flickr

First things first.  Anybody who has spent more than a half hour with me, knows that dreams and nightmares fascinate me.  I think they’re the bomb, a gazillion times better than most movies and the casting is impeccable.

I’m always sharing my dreams and inquiring others about theirs.  My obsession runs so deep that about a month ago I had a dream (no kidding) about an interactive art exhibition.  It was so cool and complete, that I can actually see this happening.  But I will need help.  My dreams are cool and all, but let’s face it, I’m only famous within the confines of my home.  So here is where the rest of the world comes in.

Each station at the exhibition would consist of two pictures of the “dreamer”.  One fully awake, and the other one, at their most vulnerable, when they’re sleeping.  It would also have an oneiric biography, stating name, occupation, earliest dream memory, frequency of dreams, type of dreams (are they recurrent, in black and white or in color, do they have sound/music or are they only images, have they ever come true for them or somebody else, etc.)

The dreamer would provide a recorded narration of their favorite dream or nightmare.  In order for the experience to be complete, the narration would be accompanied by a visual component (photographs, drawing, mini-movies, objects).  This would allow the rest of us to experience the dream through the dreamers perspective.

I think it would be a neat experiment that would offer us a glimpse into the collective consciousness, or in this case unconsciousness.

So there you have it.  That is my dream.  If you think this is interesting, or can help in any way, shape or form, let me know. 

If not, it’s OK, I appreciate that you took some time to read this, and leave you to more important matters.  

Thank you,

Patricia I Vicens Lucchetti (


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