Freud would have a field day. – I

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I am at my dead mother-in-law’s house.  She is very young, house full of kids.  I am there to buy chocolate chip cookies, like the ones I used to bake for them when I started dating her son.  She pulls a fresh batch out of the oven, and we chit-chat while we wait for them to cool.  Through a window, I see my husband as a child, playing with his siblings.  He looks at me, disappointed.  I smile politely.  His mother hands me a bag full of cookies and I pay for them, placing the bag in my purse, already knowing that I won’t eat them, and that this transaction is pointless.  I leave, happy, and get in the car with a man I’ve never seen.  We are glad to see each other and ask the driver to take us to our destination.

I wake up.


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