Lather, rinse, repeat

Life routine - act 2

Open eyes.  Close eyes, pull covers.  Toss.  Turn.  Open eyes. 

It’s an hour and a half too early.  I could go to the Y, but they’re not open yet.

Close eyes.  Think about writing.  Open eyes.  I have slept 4 hours.  Candle burning at both ends.  Close eyes. 

Turn.  Toss.  Open eyes.  Drink water.  Rub cat’s neck.

Sleep.  Open eyes.  One hour to go before alarm goes off.  Make list of all the things I need to do before I leave the house.  Disable alarm clock.  Get out of bed.  Brush teeth, wash face, brush hair.  Locate slippers.

Turn on the iron.  Brew coffee.

Iron his shirt.  Fix her breakfast.  Sugar my coffee.  Pause.

Get her ready.  Clean kitchen.  Declutter the house.  Pick an outfit. 

Turn on the shower.  Tweeze eyebrows.  Floss.  Brush.  Gargle.

Wash my hair, wash my face, exfoliate my body.  Shave.  Deodorize.  Moisturize.  Dress.

Fix hair.  Put on make up.  Earrings.  Ring.  Watch.  Locate shoes.  Track cell phone.  Supervise her progress.

Let her know I’ll pick her up after school.  Wish them both a successful and happy day.   Go to office.

Work.  Daydream.  Jot down thoughts.  Work.  Fantasize.  Chit chat.  Work. 

Pick her up.  Pick up the mail.  Pick what we’ll have for dinner.  Laundry.  Homework.  Cook.  Eat.  Clean up.  Spend time with her.  Send her to the shower.  Pay bills.  Send her to bed.  Play online.  Write a little.  Play some more.  Write a little.  Watch TV.  Give up on drafts.  Save drafts.  Reread older drafts.   Despair.

Fold laundry.  Wash my hair.  Wash my face.  Exfoliate my body.   Deodorize.  Moisturize.  Dress.  Brush hair.  Floss.  Brush teeth.  Gargle.

Hop in bed.  Wait.  Try to fall asleep.  Get up.  Locate laptop.  Play online.  Dream.  Fantasize.  Turn off lights.  Turn on alarm clock.  Wait a little longer.  Give up.  Turn off TV. 

Close eyes.  Toss.  Turn.  Pull covers.  Open eyes.  Feel tired.  Close eyes.  Rest.


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