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It’s late, again, and I desperately want to fall asleep.  I am so tired.  I close the door to my cool, dark room and lazily climb in bed, where fresh linens caress my body and try to seduce me into slumber.  I remain awake.
My eyes are shut.  For the first time in months I feel the urge to pray.  Prayer is boring and repetitive and will lull me into sleep.  Maybe I shouldn’t think that way, my soul may depend on these prayers.  But I no longer have the faith that renders them magic. 
I open my eyes, all I can see is darkness, so I close them again.  A bright light emanates out of the corner of the room and hits the wall, engulfing everything it touches. All the objects seem to come alive and absorb the light, turning white.  
Eyes open, only to find black before them.  I must be in the twilight of dreams.
scrub-scrub-scrub, scrub-scrub-scrub.
A small white-gloved hand holding a blackboard eraser appears.  
It is followed by the rest of its body, short and stout, all white on white like a cartoon that has not been colored yet.
The hand moves swiftly scrubbing away the texture of the bleached objects, making them disappear into a brightly lit oblivion
This thing turns to look at me.  Smiling wickedly, eyes slanted as if blinded by the glare. 
There go the bags on the corner of my room, the ones that I have neglected to unpack and put away.
Next disappears the tall dresser.  The creature jumps, then floats, while his hand deftly erases it from top to bottom, at an angle.  More smiles.
There goes the base board, and the trim around the door,  while he hovers like a plump white bumblebee that instead of buzzing, makes a rhythmic scrubbing sound.
The creature flies high now, only the door itself remains on the wall.  It seems to delight on his sleight of hand.  He gets closer, smirk in place and then swiftly goes back to vanish the door.  A white abyss before my closed eyes, where everything else in the room is falling into.  I fear, but will follow, for at last I too will rest.

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