What I learned from boys and men

How to tie a knot correctly so that your horse stays put.  How to ride said horse bare back.  That if you quickly suck your index finger and hold it up in the air, you can tell where the wind is coming from.  The most efficient way to fix the gears on your ten speed bike, although I have since forgotten.  The right way to change the muffler on a BMW 2002.  I have forgotten that as well.  That a fist fight, is not what it’s cracked up to be, but if  you have to fight, hit first and at least you get to hit twice.  Rowdy friends are fun.  The never-ending appeal of puerile humor.  That generosity can be ruthless.  To appreciate the beauty of firearms, the smell of gunpowder and the fine art of shooting cans.  The knack of bar hopping without getting wasted. To be aware of my surroundings.  What makes for a good breakfast.  That men’s perfume is sexy.  That tongue and saliva are not necessarily disgusting, much to the surprise of my preadolescent self.  That sex is just sex, sometimes.  Not to show your feelings first.  That trust is always, an act of self faith.   To cherish loyalty.  How to say “I’m sorry”.  To say something, and mean it.  That feelings are not the domain of women, but rather a marker of humanity, and men and boys are very, very human.


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